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Simple Yet Powerful Login SMS Alert PLUGIN, Absolutely FREE !!!

Login Sms Alert Plugin Wordpress

About Plugin

Want an alert on successful Admin Login? ZycoonApps Login SMS Alert can alert you via SMS of the login incident including the IP address.

ZycoonApps Login SMS Alert can provide an instant alert for any ADMINISTRATOR logins on your site and makes it quicker for you to take timely action to secure your site.

Currently Supported SMS Gateway: VOIP.MS
NOTE: You will need to whitelist the IP address of the server (from where the request to the API is being sent) in your VOIP.MS account

We plan to add more SMS gateways based on user feedback, so do let us know if you want to see any particular SMS Gateway added to this plugin.

If you have any question or features request, please access the plugin’s official support forum.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the SMS free?
No, this uses a SMS gateway that a user needs to signup and pay for usage of service.

2. How do i setup VOIP.MS API
You can ENABLE your API, create your API password and whitelist your website IP at: https://voip.ms/m/api.php

3. I only see VOIP.MS SMS gateway, is there any other option available?
Not yet, but this is an Initial Release and we have planned to bring in more SMS gateway options.